Utterly Great New Releases Out Everywhere Now.

Utterly Great New Releases Out Everywhere Now.
Many of you have gotten into a few new bands, or are at least aware of them by now. This year has been great. You should defiantly check out a few if you haven’t! I’ve been hyping many of them up for a few years now, which is generally a great thing to do. And if you haven’t gotten in the know for a minute but don’t know where to start, come and holler at me. Last Friday’s new releases just utterly rip, a few of them will the most fun you’ve ever had shredding to with a beer in your hand at you next BBQ, and the rest have absurdly good songs of the finest modern metal qualities. If you think THIS is serious, just wait until you see what else June has in store…support new heavy music.
June 2, 2017:
Doyle “Doyle II: As We Die” (EMP Label Group) – Hooks, riffs, and hard rock!
Eighteen Visions “XVIII” (Rise Records) – Fast car driving music.
Gloom “Solaris” (EOne Heavy / eOne Music) – CHECK THIS OUT, OR BUST!
IKILLYA “War for an Idea (Urban Yeti Records) – Sounds like going hard in the a pit.
Album Pick of the Week | 6/2/17: Mutoid Man War Moans” (Sargent House) – One of modern rocks’ most vital bands, Mutoid Man will be one of your favorite new groups by the end of 2017 after you listen to this album! Trust it.
SikThThe Future in Whose Eyes?” (Millennium Night) – Get in on this!
Tengger Cavalry “Die on My Ride (M-Theory) – You should know full well what you’re getting here. Cool, new school folk metal with the most unique instruments you’re likely to hear.
Unleash The Archers “Apex” (Napalm Records) – This rocks.
Vallenfyre “Fear Those Who Fear Him” (Century Media Records) – Don’t sleep on this freakishly heavy beast of an album!
Album Pick of the Week | 5/26/17: Wednesday 13Condolences (Wednesday 13 album)” (Nuclear Blast Records / Nuclear Blast USA) – Condolences is straight up relentless, heavy hard rock from the duke of spook! Other Cool Releases Out Now:
Curse the Son “Isolator” (Ripple Music) Rivethead “Fix Our Enemy” (Pavement Entertainment)
Wormwitch “Strike Mortal Soil” (Prosthetic Records) _____________________________________________________________ Tune in to the Metal Meltdown with Ian Weber, playing the best variety of hard rock and heavy metal music that Brooklyn has to offer, every Sunday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST / 11:00 am – 1:00 pm PST on 920 WON: The Apple via Caster.FM www.920won.caster.fm.

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