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RIVETHEAD history timeline. A work in progress...

RIVETHEAD links Follow RIVETHEAD on Twitter Talk to RIVETHEAD and other RIVETHEAD fans. See live photos. Post to us. We will reply! See all of the videos we can post online. There's over 70 uploaded already! Buy our albums online as either physical CDs or DRM free MP3s! We crammed a bunch of our songs onto Soundcloud, then ran out of room. Want to hear the rest? Buy the CDs. Hey, look kids! A professional SonicBids profile! Are you an Apple head like us? Get all of our albums online! See our gigs listing. Reverbnation provides a one stop info shop.

ALL RIVETHEAD CDs and merch are available at live shows. We always have tons of free stickers and promo hand-outs available. We also hook our fans up with our used guitar picks that are saved from rehearsals and live shows.

Merch available online:

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Get all of our albums on iTunes All RIVETHEAD albums are available
Get all of our CDs and MP3s on CDBaby.com Buy DRM free MP3s or the CDs we sell at shows
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