RIVETHEAD now hiring for a new drummer

Dallas band, RIVETHEAD, is in need of a new drummer.

You must:
Be able to play along to and with backing tracks.
Have skills (this should be obvious).
Have decent kit in good condition. Brand does not matter.
Have reliable transportation (to get yourself to practice).
Be available to practice week nights and play weekends.
Here’s the obvious: We consider ourselves professional. No addicts. Caffeine is OK. Video games are OK. Star Wars is definitely OK. 

What we have:
8 albums. We are writing #9, so you will be a big part of this.
Many, many music videos, with more to come. Over 400,000 views on Youtube.
We are and have been able to open for some of our favorite bands: Static-X, Powerman5000, Prong, Sevendust, Mushroomhead… We headline locally, or co-headline with other established bands.
A global fan-base, although monetarily we can only tour where we are guaranteed funds.
Our music is played at Dallas Cowboys and Stars games. Has been used 3 times on That Metal Show, on Gene Simmons Family Jewels,  LionsGate Films, MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel…
We have several endorsements (B.C. Rich Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Kahler, Dunlop ), and if you are willing to take the time, we can help you get some as well.
Full stock of merch (shirts, stickers, wrist bands, buttons, patches, etc.)
We have a trailer big enough to fit all of the gear, and most moderately sized egos. 
Our live show (when headlining) also includes a fully-automated DMX light show, with LEDs, moving LEDs, lasers, black lights, strobes, and more. It’s a bit of fun.

To submit, send a link to your drumming here, along with any bio info you have, including name, age, city of residence, and past and current projects: needdrums@rivetheadonline.com
Do not send MP3s. The mailbox will fill up too quick. If your email bounces back, it is because someone before you sent MP3s.

Speaking of music, if you want to audition, please learn no less than 3 of our songs before coming out. Our music can be found here:


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