Reckless Rock Radio Rocks RIVETHEAD!

Once again we thank you for continuing to support local Rock N Roll and community FM Radio. We will be back next Sunday at 10pm on KNON 89.3 FM. Next week’s guests will be Mark Ballew and Ed Grundy(Bloodrock) to share some stories and wisdom of their past projects as well as their new record Casual Glance.

Thanks again to Chris, Kenny and Brett from LegacyOfficial for dropping in last night.

Here’s last night’s playlist:

Advent-The Lines of Healing
Stareview– Survive
Adakain-Hey Girl
Meridian-Hey Lover
MESSER-Simple Man
Hazeland– Taken Away
Legacy-Into the Night
Black Summer Rain– Whiskey Bender
Shotgun-Dallas Texas– Mercy
Bugs Henderson– Baby Ruth
King Zero-As I Go
Missi St Thomas– Broken Things
Legacy-Stand In Line
Tetrax– Gravity
Rivethead– Better Get Up
The Razorblade Dolls (official)– Scream Queen Phenomenon
Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs– Girl
Tricounty Terror– Kill What You Can’t Eat
Lilith of Exile-Lilith Rising
WARBEAST-Birth of a Psycho
Demonseed/ Goats Go To Hell

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