The end of an epic era, and the beginning of a new one.

– A post from Steve (RIVETHEAD).

“I know this guy, Derek. He can sing like Hetfield, and he’s a bad ass bass player!” – That was what Jason, the other original guitar player of my past band, SKWEE-G said. It only took one jam session to realize Jason was right. The dude could growl like Hetfield and Zombie. He had wicked stage presence, and we went on to rock clubs all over Texas – to Florida and back.

That was the 90’s through 2002.

After Derek left SKWEEG, Mikkee, our old drummer (from both bands) and I went on to create RIVETHEAD. Mark and Kevin were recruited, not too long after, and although, Derek was bass player #4, he was the longest running bass player, and we (the four of us) formed a solid bond. I am not saying that everything was always perfect. We endured some hell gigs, some really shady so-called music peeps, and every possible technical issue you could face along the way. It was all worth it.

Derek is our brother, and although this is news to all, but a very small few in our inner circle, Derek made his announcement several months ago, and agreed to continue to rehearse, and play shows with us, and we agreed to keep it quiet. That is the kind of guy Derek is, and we are and will forever be thankful for his dedication to RIVETHEAD, and for recording some of the best damn songs, I think any Texas band has ever recorded.

We will miss him sharing the stage with us, spending countless hours in the studio rehearsing, laughing, recording, and getting to rock out on stage for you all. Thank you brother! You were a huge part of who were were.

So what happened after Derek made his announcement several months ago? This says a ton about how great a brother and friend he is. I texted a friend. I invited a new bass player to join us over these past few months in our studio. To rehearse with us, and Derek. He has shown this bass player how to play somewhere around 20 of our songs (maybe give or take a few). He could have walked away, but he was right there with us, all the way up until last night in Dallas, for his final performance with RIVETHEAD. Again, thanks man!

So what’s next? You saw a small glimpse, if you saw our show last night in Dallas. Please join us in welcoming Laura Paleczka, from Faded Grace, as our new bass player. (Don’t worry – she is still going to rock with faded Grace).

We unanimously, when we questioned each other about possible players, named Laura. She has killer stage presence, is absolutely loved by the Dallas scene and wherever she has rocked a stage, and we look forward to having her on stage, with our first gig of 2015 being The Curtain Club on the 7th of February.

Thank you all for your friendship and support. We will be seeing you a TON in 2015! Who’s ready for a new album? We hope you are. It’s coming!!!

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