Website Updates

New Chat Bit Added

We added a chat forum to our website. Drop by and start a conversation.


RIVETHEAD wrist bands?

Wanna know where you can get the wicked wrist bands the guys wear on stage?

Get your own at shows or online here: RIVETHEAD wrist bands now available in our online store!


Rivethead covers player added to site

6 original albums. 2 cover albums, with a new album being written now. We get asked a lot about our covers, so we’ve added a player to our music site so you can check them out:


We made the site a little safer and easier to read :)

Let’s make it easier to find gigs (and photos)…

We often have people ask us about Facebook event invites. Hopefully, we’ve simplified that. At the top of our site, are some external links. One of them being a link to our events page on Facebook.

We’re also using an external link to our Facebook gallery. The pictures that we’re tagged in appear there. So, take more photos and tag away, and your will stay on top (we think)…

RIVETHEAD on TV and in film

We don’t mean to point at ourselves, but we’ve had a lot of songs used on TV. It’s hard to track, but here’s a few of them that we captured:

New Site – New Look – Hope You Dig it!

We’ve revamped our site again. Hope you take some time to click around and enjoy. This sucker is interactive, so please comment away and we’ll try to keep up!